Guntur city is the administrative headquarters of Guntur district, of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a municipal corporation and also the headquarters of Guntur Mandal in the Guntur revenue division. It is situated on the plains at a distance of 64 km to the north of the Bay of Bengal.
Kondaveedu Fort

Kondaveedu Fort was constructed during the time of Telugu Chodas and was occupied by Kakatiya Ganapati Deva during his campaign in the coastal Andhra. It is a hill fortress located 1,700 feet above sea level.

Kotappakonda is a holy hill, situated in Guntur district, Kotappa Konda hill appears with three peaks in any direction so it is also called as Trikutadri, Trikuta Parvatham. The three hills are Brahma hill, Vishnu hill, and Rudra hill. These three hills can be distinctly seen from a distance from any direction.
Uppalapadu Nature Conservation

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary is located in Uppalapadu, near Guntur City, India. Painted storks, spot-billed pelicans, and other birds that migrate from various countries such as Siberia and Australia use the village water tanks for nesting.

Mangalagiri is a town in Guntur district situated between the twin cities of Vijayawada and Guntur of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The town is the headquarters of Mangalagiri Mandal under the Guntur revenue division.
Kotappakonda Trikutaparvattam

Kotappakonda is a Hindu shrine located on the sacred hills of Trikutapatvattam. The holy shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Trikutaparvattam is the three hills that are located in Kotappakonda. It is said that these three hills are dedicated to the Hindu trinity, Brahma-The Creator, Vishnu-The Preserver, and Maheshwara-The transformer & Destroyer.
Budha Statue

The statue was commissioned in 2003 and completed in 2015. The statue has a museum in the base underneath it, which consists of sculptures depicting scenes with Buddhist significance, most modern copies of the original reliefs from the Amaravati Mahachaitya stupa which are now in museums around India and the world.
Prakasam Barrage

The structure of the Prakasam Barrage stretches 1223.5 meters across the Krishna River connecting Krishna and Guntur districts. The barrage serves also as a road bridge and spans over a lake.
Universal Integration Pillar

The Universal Integration Pillar is an envisioned Symbol of the oneness of humanity of Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee. It stands for the unity and integrity of mankind irrespective of their origin and culture and represents the major religions of the world. The pillar recalls, the cultural heritage of India bringing to our minds the echoes of anatana Dharma, the highest form of equity and divine justice. The pillar is seated on an eight-petalled Lotus and flower-shaped base highlighting intelligence and reason, as also laying bare that the eight boundaries of the universe, circumflex the pillar.
Best Time To Visit Guntur

Average temperatures in Guntur vary somewhat. Considering humidity, temperatures feel hot for most of the year with a low chance of precipitation most of the year. If you are looking for the very warmest time to visit Guntur, the hottest months are May, June, and then April. See average monthly temperatures below. The warmest time of year is generally late May where highs are regularly around 42.2°C with temperatures rarely dropping below 27.9°C at night.

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