Vijayawada is a city in the southeast Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is known for the ornate Kanaka Durga Temple, which sits atop a hill overlooking the city. The Undavalli Caves feature ancient rock-cut temples, carved out of a sandstone hillside and adorned with elaborate statues. The massive Prakasam Barrage stretches across the Krishna River. Nearby is Bhavani Island, with forests and waterfront gardens. On the mainland, trails run through sprawling Rajiv Gandhi Park, home to musical fountains and a mini zoo. Gandhi Hill has several stupas (shrines) dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, as well as a planetarium and library. Housed in a 19th-century building, the Bapu Museum displays archaeological relics including weapons and ceramics. The GunadalaMatha Shrine is a Christian church with a statue of Mary and a museum filled with holy relics. Northwest of the city, the crumbling Kondapalli Fort offers views of the surrounding countryside.
Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli Fort, also locally known as Kondapalli Kota. The historic fort on the hill located to the west of the Kondapalli village was built by Musunuri Nayaks during the 14th century, in the Guntur district.
Mogalarajapuram Caves

Mogalarajapuram Caves are home to three temples. It is one of the centrally protected monuments of national importance. It has five rock-cut sanctuaries dating back to the 5th century AD. The idols of Lord Nataraja, Ganesh in one cave are still in good condition among the worn images of deities. Cave 2 shows an overhanging cornice with artificial windows.
Kanaka Durga Temple

Kanaka Durga temple is an ornate Hindu temple and pilgrimage destination dedicated to the goddess Kanaka Durga.
Bhavani Island

Bhavani Island is a large river island where visitors can relax at the resort or in hammocks and visit the temple and caves.
Prakasam Barrage

The structure of the Prakasam Barrage stretches 1223.5 meters across the Krishna River connecting Krishna and Guntur districts. The barrage serves also as a road bridge and spans over a lake.
Undavalli Caves

Undavalli Caves is a well-known carved-stone temple from the 4th century, with sculptures and relief art of deities.
Gunadala Mary Matha Church

Gunadala Mary Matha Church is a shrine of Mary, mother of Jesus, and a pilgrim destination for Christians in the city of Vijayawada.
Rajiv Gandhi Park

Rajiv Gandhi Park is a large, historic park next to a river with children’s attractions with colorful sculptures.
Gandhi Hill

Gandhi Hill is a hill in Vijayawada, situated behind the Vijayawada railway station in the Tarapet area. A Gandhi Memorial, built on this hill, is the first in the country to have seven stupas.

Mangalagiri is a tree-shaded destination offering scenic views, peaceful places to hike and relax.
Manginapudi Beach

Manginapudi Beach is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal, at a distance of 11 km from Machilipatnam of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.
Best Time To Visit Vijayawada

The best time to visit Vijayawada is during the months from October to March. Pleasant weather and the occasion of various important festivals such as the Deccan festival, Lumbini festival, Dusshera, and Diwali, lure tourists in huge numbers.

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