Hajo is an ancient pilgrimage center for three religions: Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims. It lies on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, 24 km from the city of Guwahati in the Kamrup district of Assam.
Hajo Powa Mecca

Hajo Powa Mecca in Assamese means one-fourth of the original Mecca and a popular Muslim pilgrimage. It is situated on top of Garurachal Hill and was built by Sujauddin Mohammed Shah in 1657 AD. It is believed that by offering prayer, a faithful gains one-fourth (Powa) spiritual enlightenment of what could be gained at Makkah and so this place is known as Powa-Makkah.
Hayagriva Madhava Temple

Hayagriva Madhava Temple is situated on the Monikut hill. The hill is situated in Hajo around 30 km west of Guwahati and the present temple structure was constructed by King Raghudeva Narayan in 1583.
Kedareswar Temple

The shrine is situated on top of the small hill called Madanchalla. The reigning deity of the temple is the Hindu God, Shiva. This is a well known medieval Shiva temple established in 1753 by the king from the Ahom dynasty, Rajeswar Singha, according to the inscription written on the walls of the temple.
Kamesware Temple

The temple of Kameswara has a significant role in the sacred complex of Hajo and possesses a Siva Linga similar to the calanta idol of Kedar Siva.
Joy Durga Temple

Joy Durga Temple is situated on top of a hill, next to the Kedareswara Temple. The temple is dedicated to the worship of the Durga goddess with 10 hands.
Dhoparguri Satra

Dhoparguri Satra is a famous holy spot in the historic town of Hajo and was established by Madhavdeva in the year 1587.
Best Time To Visit Hajo

The best time to visit Hajo is during the month of March and extends till the start of May. The typical characteristics of this season are high humidity and frequent showers; hence light cotton attire is the best option for this season. The average annual temperature during this season is around 22° C to 38° C. The monsoon season in Hajo starts from the month of May and lasts till the month of August, with an average annual rainfall of 180 cm. if you want to explore the natural beauty of the place, then this is the best season for visiting, as the whole town gets covered in a cloak of greenery. This season, with its moderate climate and mild rainfall, starts from the month of September and continues till the month of October. This is usually considered to be the best time to visit the place and it also coincides with the celebration of the major festivals in the area. The average annual temperature during this season is around 7°C to 25°C and is usually characterized by scanty rainfall and foggy or misty mornings as well afternoons. The winter season in Hajo starts from November and continues till the month of February.

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