Sirpur is a small town, 84 km away from Raipur, Chattisgarh well known for its archaeological monuments. Situated on the bank of Mahanadi, it has a rich background of traditional cultural heritage and architecture. It was an important center of Buddhist from the 6th the 10th century A.D. and was visited by Hieun Tsang, the 7th-century Chinese pilgrim, and Scholar. The archaeological remains of Sirpur speak volumes of the rich legacy of the place, though most of the remains are considerably eroded now.
Surang Tila

It is the largest temple complex in Sirpur, with a pillared terrace raised 30 feet above the group, stone steps connecting the terrace to the ruined mandapa platform remains below.
Laxman Temple

Lakshmana temple, also spelled Laxman temple, is a 7th-century brick temple, mostly damaged and ruined. The temple stands on a stone jagati platform with wide enough space for circumambulation. The temple itself is built of brick except for the carved frame around the grabha-griya made of stone.
Buddha Vihara

Sirpur was once large buddhist historical site, it has been traced by foreign historians as well. Finding this excavation site shows the same place, and with more details it will be proved to be great historical achievement. It is said that this place was used for Budhhist preaching and teaching, this could be one kind of university or worship place used for gathering of big events.
Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

This small wildlife sanctuary covering an area of 245 sq km in the Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh is known for its lush green forest cover and a sizeable population of the common Leopard. It is the state’s second most popular wildlife sanctuary, established in 1976 under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.
Baleshwar Temple

A Shiva temple about 50 meters northwest of the Teevar dev monument, across the Sirpur road. It consists of several temples. For three Shiva temples excavated, a circumambulatory Jagati in the form of a high rise platform, similar to Lakshmana temple survives.
Ancient Marketplace

The ancient marketplace is an impressive set of ruins that are spread over an area of 250 sq m along the river Mahanadi. This place was believed to be the center of all commercial and trading life of the era.
Best Time To Visit Chandigarh

The best season to visit Sirpur is during the winter season from November to March when the temperature is very pleasant and one can actually walk to these excavation sites, which are spread over quite a large area.

Apart from winters, monsoons are also beautiful here. The entire region turns magically green and it's also perhaps the best time for photography.

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