Hazaribagh is a city and a municipality in Hazaribagh district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is the divisional headquarters of the North Chotanagpur division. It is famous as a health resort and for Hazaribag Wildlife Sanctuary.
Barso Pani

Barso Pani is a famous tourist and picnic spot in Barkagaon.
Canary Hill

Canary Hill is a scenic overlook providing sweeping views of the surrounding valley and hills in lush forest surrounds.
Hazaribagh Lake

Hazaribagh lake is a series of artificial lakes with seven parts all on different levels so that water spills over to the other lake through a spill channel.
Suraj Kund

Suraj Kund hot spring is a natural hot spring in Belkapi gram panchayat of Barkatha community development block in Barhi subdivision of Hazaribagh district in the Indian state of Jharkhand.
Urbaan Haat

Urbaan haat exhibits the culture and beautiful artifacts by the people of Jharkhand which includes handlooms, furniture, dress, leather commodities, and everything else.
Silwar Hill

Silver Hill Historic District encompasses the first major residential subdivision of Weston, Massachusetts. It includes 79 buildings on Silver Hill and Westland Roads and Merriam Street.
Konar Dam

Konar dam is the second of the four multi-purpose dams included in the first phase of the Damodar Valley Corporation. It was constructed across the Konar River, a tributary of the Damodar River in Hazaribagh district.

Salparni is the eastern part of Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary. This Sal forest has a picturesque lake and also a seasonal cascade.
Megaliths of Hazaribagh

Megaliths are burials and astronomical observatories of stones of the tribals built from Neolithic, Metal ages (Iron, Bronze, and Chalcolithic ages) to the present times Hazaribagh too has a great treasure of such primitive megaliths built during very ancient times by the tribals.
Isco Rock Art

Isco contains Lower Paleolithic deposits and deep underground caves inhabited by a man during the ice ages, leaving for us one of the richest collections of the middle Paleolithic stone tool industry in South Asia.
Best Time To Visit Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh is a town located in Jharkhand. This region experiences a comfortable type of climate and can be visited anytime from October to March. This place is known for its exotic locales which woo the hearts of the tourists visiting this place. The summer months of March to May are warm and a bit hot. The average temperature during the day time is around 34°C. The nights are cool and the temperature is around 28°C. Daytime can be spent indoors, while evenings are perfect for walks or sightseeing. In winters from December to February, the weather is cool and pleasant. The average temperature remains around 15°C and this time is well suited for sightseeing. During the monsoon season from June to September the heat levels come down substantially with the onset of the monsoon season. A mild to moderate amount of rainfall is received in this region. It is a good time to visit this place since rainfall is not very heavy and lends a charming appeal to the ambiance of Hazaribagh.

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