Karwar is a port city in the South Indian state of Karnataka. It is known for beaches like Rabindranath Tagore Beach, with dive spots, and black-sand Tilmati Beach to the north. The INS Chapal (K94) Warship Museum, in a former missile boat, has artifacts and videos on the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. The hilltop Sadashivgad Fort has a temple dedicated to the goddess Durga, plus views of the Kali River and the Arabian Sea.
Kurumgad Island

Karwar, Kurumgad or Koormagad Island is a tortoise shaped island in the Arabia Sea and is adjacent to Devbagh.
Karwar Port

Karwar port is located at Baithkol, Karwar Bay. Hills and coastal islands make the port a natural harbor, sheltered from the Arabian sea. The port which is operated by the Government of Karnataka services the hinterland of northern Karnataka, Goa, and southern Maharashtra.
Rabindranath Tagore Beach

Karwar Beach, also known as Rabindranath Tagore Beach, is the main beach in Karwar city.
Sadashivgad Fort 

Sadashivgad fort was built on an old fortified site on the north bank of Kali River where it meets the sea. It had about 8 meters high ramparts which were about 2 meters wide at the top.
Shejjeswar Temple

Sajjeshwara temple is one of the Panchalingam temples in the south. Located in Karnataka, this temple has Lord Shiva in his most commonly worshipped form that is the linga. 
Narasimha Temple

Narasimha Temple has been constructed a some years ago. It is one of the ancient temples which has been located on the hilltop of Kurumgad The temple has been sacred to Lord Narasimha.

The Oyster Rock lighthouse is located in Karwar, Karnataka, India, on one of the islands located close to Karwar, Oyster Rock. Tourists can reach this island with the help of motorboats, which are available from Karwar Port.
Guddalli Peak

Guddalli Peak takes its name from the village Guddahalli that is nearer to the base of the hill. It is flanked by a thick cover of woods and river meandering through the region. The peak offers an excellent view of the seashore and the Karwar town.
Naganath Temple

Nagnath Temple is the popular and most historical temple which is the main attraction of the Karwar. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Durga Bhavani Temple

Durga Temple, also known as Shanthadurga Temple, is dedicated to Goddess Durga.
Best Time To Visit Karwar

The best time to visit Karwar is from October to May. The weather is quite pleasant at this time. However, for the water sports, note that the best time would be until February while the water is clear for snorkeling.

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