Malappuram, which literally means "the land atop the hills," is notable for its distinct natural beauty. The land disguises a unique and eventful history among the curving hills and winding rivers that flow to the coconut-fringed seacoast. Malappuram, the land of great poets and writers, political and religious leaders, has carved a distinct place in Kerala's history.
Bharathapuzha River

Bharathappuzha, also known as the River Nila, is a river in India in the state of Kerala. With a length of 209 km, it is the second-longest river in Kerala, after the Periyar River. The word "Nila" indicates the culture more than just a river. 
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary lies in the Malappuram District of the state of Kerala in India. It spreads over a cluster of islands where the Kadalundipuzha River flows into the Arabian Sea. The Sanctuary hill is around 200 m above sea level. 
Sri Naavaay Mugundha Perumal

Sri Naavaay Mugundha Perumal Temple is revered as one of the 108 Divya Desam temples, dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Kottakkunnu also known as Marine Drive of Malappuram is a hill garden. Kottakkunnu park contains an Open Air theater, Lalitha Kala Academy Art gallery, a water theme park, Adventure Park, Kids traffic park, balloon park, and 16D cinema. 
Keralamkundu Waterfalls

Keralamkundu waterfall is a natural wonder in the valley of western ghats, that is formed due to the cascade on a large rock over many centuries. There is no other place in Kerala to enjoy and feel the adventures in their fullness for those who really love adventures.
Padinharekara Beach

Padinharekara is a beautiful beach is located at the end of the Tipu Sultan Road and is spread over a wide area. Enjoy the majestic views of River Triurpuzha and Bharathapuzha falling into the mighty Arabian Sea. The soft shimmery sand and the palm trees aligned at the shore make for a perfect place to relax while admiring the natural beauty at its best.
Biyyam Kayal Backwaters

Biyyam Kayal offers a placid, green-fringed backwater with a watersports facility. A boat race is conducted annually, especially during the Onam celebration. A permanent pavilion is available for spectators, and the lake hosts nearly two dozen country boats.
Kadampuzha Temple

Kadampuzha Devi Temple is a Hindu temple and pilgrimage center at Kadampuzha in Malappuram district, Kerala, India. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga, a Devi. There is no idol in the temple, and the Goddess is worshipped in a pit. There are also shrines for Sastha and Serpent deities, along with the worship of  Ganapathi,  Narasimha, and Sudarshana. 

Nedumkayam is 14 km from Nilambur town, in Malappuram district, Kerala, India. Nedumkayam is noted especially for its rich rain forests. The wooden resthouse built here by the British offers a panoramic view of the elephant and deer grazing in the forest nearby. One has to get prior permission from the Indian Forest Service to enter the forest zone.
Best Time To Visit Malappuram

The best time to visit Malappuram is from July to March. Summer starts at Malappuram in March and ends in May. Humidity is high during this season, and temperature averages 35°c. Regardless of the heat during the period, it is pretty much a good time to visit Malappuram especially for those interested in Bird watching. During the months June to September, the monsoon succeeds the summer and brings heavy rainfall to Malappuram. Therefore visiting Malappuraam during the monsoon may restrict you to stay inside. However, by October the rain retreats slowly and invites winter. It is the perfect time for visiting Malappuram. The temperature is cool, Pleasant, and inviting ranging from 16°C to 26°C. The season starts in November and continues till the end of February.

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