About Jalgaon

Jalgaon is a major city in western India, located in the north of Maharashtra state within the region of Khandesh. It is 59 km from the Ajanta Caves. Jalgaon can be reached by National Highway 6 or with a Railway and has an airport with commercial flights to Mumbai. The city, with industrial areas, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and residential areas, has communications and transport infrastructures. Known as Banana City, it contributes about half of Maharashtra's banana production.
Omkareshwar Mandir

Omkareshwar Mandir is a popular Hindu temple devoted to the god Shiva with a picturesque interior.
Shree Manudevi Temple

Manudevi Temple is located near Adgaon village in Yawal Taluka in the scenic natural surroundings of the Satpura Range. Manudevi is the kuldevi of 70% of the people in the Jalgaon district.

Patanadevi is a historic and tourist place situated 18 km to the southwest of Chalisgaon, Maharashtra. This place is inside Gautala Autram Ghat Abhayaranya and surrounded by the high mountains of Sahyadri.
Padmalaya Kshetra

Padmalaya is also known as "Prabhakshetra" is a village in the Indian state of Maharashtra. 'Padmalaya', a portmanteau word blending "Padmasya" and "Alaya", means "Home of Lotus" in Sanskrit. The name is derived from a large lotus pond that is believed to have existed adjacent to a local temple dedicated to Ganesha.
Swinging Towers

Swinging Towers Of Farkande. Swinging Towers located 16-km from Erandol on the bank of Utawadi River is a great example of old construction techniques. Both the towers are 15m long and when one of them is waved the other towers also start waving automatically.
Mehrun Lake

Mehrun lake is a natural lake situated near Jalgaon city. The lake is a hangout place for the jalgaonkars. There are many joy and fun parks near the lake which attract people.
Bhauche Udyan Park

Bhauche Udyan Park is a popular garden and pride of Jalgaon which meets the International levels. This is a very nice place in a good location.
Best Time To Visit Jalgaon

The best time to visit Jalgaon is from October to March. The summer season starts here from the month of March and continues till the month of May. During this time the weather is tremendously hot and suffocating and thus avoided by most of the tourists. The temperature generally ranges between 25°C to 39°C throughout these months and sometimes scales even higher. Monsoon starts in Jalgaon from the beginning of June and continues till the month of October. The region receives adequate rainfall during the months of July and August. The winter season ranges between October and February when the climate is comfortable and is also suitable for sightseeing. This season is considered the best time to plan a trip to the city. Temperature ranges between 12°C to 28°C at this time which is very much pleasing for the visitors.

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