About Malvan

Malvan is a town and taluka in Sindhudurg District, the southernmost district of Maharashtra State, India, well known for the historically important Sindhudurg Fort. Malvantaluka consists of villages such as Aangnechi Wadi, Achra, Khalchi Devli, Jamdul, Juva, Pankhol, Talasheel, and Sarjekot. The main occupation here is fishing with the staple diet of the local people fish curry and rice. The town produces Alphonso mangoes and is also known for sweets such as MalvaniKhaja made from gram-besan flour and coated jaggery as well as MalvaniLadoos. MalvaniDashavtar, a drama-play based on mythological stories, is an important cultural element of the area. Several apocryphal and some more credible stories related to the name Malvan exist. Salt producers use the term Mahalavan to describe a region rich in salt, a compound word from "Maha" meaning great, and "lavan" meaning plantation. Another possibility is a phonetic derivative of the compound of "Mad" and "Ban", Malvani for coconut trees and garden respectively, relating to a large number of coconut trees in the region.
Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort is a historical fort that occupies an islet in the Arabian Sea, just off the coast of Maharashtra.
Rock Garden

Rock Garden offers tourists a fairytale view of the sun coming out of the sea. Best time to visit either during the dawn or the dusk as this is when one can relax in the tranquilizing aura of the place.
Rameshwar Temple

Rameshwar Temple is been located in a village called Kandalgaon, It is said that during the construction of Sindhudurg Fort, Shivaji Maharaj faced a lot of difficulties in building the base of the fort, he prayed to Shri Rameshwar for successful completion of the fort and were blessed with the same.
Tsunami Island

Tsunami Island near Devbaug beach is a small island on the delta of the Tarkarli river. This island is not formed due to tsunami waves, but due to this imaginary name, it is a popular tourist destination for water sports where one can enjoy rides like Jet-Ski, Banana boat ride, Bumper boat, Kayaks, etc.
Malvan Marine Sanctuary

The Malvan Wildlife Sanctuary was declared on 13 April 1987, with a core zone of 3.182 km² and a buffer zone of 25.94 km². The core zone includes the Sindhudurg fort, Padamged island, and other submerged rocky structures. The north eastern border of the buffer zone is 50 m from the sea near Malvan port, while on the east it is a semi-circular sandy beach 500 m parallel to the shore of Malvan.
Vengurla Malvan Beach

Vengurla Beach at Malvan, adored by the nature lovers for my long stretch of iridescent sandy beach surrounded by a range of hills, semi-circular in shape. The lush green foliage on the hills of mango, cashew, and coconut plants in combination with the green sea and blue sky creates an exotic atmosphere liked and loved by tourists from all over the country.
Tondavali Talashil Beach

Tondavali Talashil Beach lies at about 10-15 kms North of Malvan and are visited for a cut of quiet getaway around idyllic beaches.
Achara Beack

Achara beach is amongst the charming Sindhudurga beaches. This beach is an enchantress of other beaches in Sindhudurg. In the magnificent geographic combination, the beautiful stretch of pristine shiny sand has given rise to an equally alluring shallow blue water estuary that follows the meandering course amidst ‘Jamdool Island’.
Wairy Ubhatwadi Beach

Wayari beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malvan. It is a less crowded beach and the perfect place for quiet quality time with friends and family.
Best Time To Visit Malvan

The best time to visit Malvan is from November to February as the winter temperatures are extremely comfortable for sightseeing and outdoor activities. The summers of Malvan can be really hot with temperatures like 38°C. Accompanied by the moist climate, it is taxing on the tourists. Tourists typically avoid the time period spanning between February to May. In Malvan Monsoon arrives in June and lasts till October. It is discernible by heavy rainfall and cool weather. With average annual rainfall around 3000 mm, traveling in monsoon becomes less of a pleasure and more of a battle. Winter is welcomed in Malvan around the months of November and lasts till February. Winters are tranquil and reasonably cool here. Exactly for such weather, sightseeing is enjoyable during this season and winter wear isn’t terribly missed.

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