About Bishnupur

Bishnupur in Manipur is located 27 kilometers off Imphal, the state capital. Bishnupur is often called the land of dancing deers. This place lies on a foothill. The ancient Vishnu Temple built in the 15th century is the major attraction in Bishnupur. Apart from this, other tourist attractions constitute Loktak Lake, Keibul Lamjao National Park, and Loukoipat Ecological Park. Shop for the finely chiseled stoneware Bishnupur is famous for.

Rasmancha is one of the most significant religious sites amongst the others which adorn the land of Bishnupur and this is on account of the fact that this is a brick temple and is the only temple of this kind.
Jor Bangla Temple

Jor Bangla Temple is an ornately carved terracotta Hindu temple constructed in the 17th century.
Pancha Ratana Temple

Pancha ratna brick temple was built by Malla King Raghunath Singh and is noted for its elaborate terracotta ornamentation.
Dalmadol Canon

Dalmadal is a canon that represents the sacrifice and struggle of the people of this region. The cannon named dal madol was built by the Malla kings to fight the Maratha invasion.
Susunia Pahar

Susunia Pahar hill is famous for its natural Spring and Silalipi.
Shyam Rai Temple

Shyam Rai Temple of Bishnupur was built by Raghunatha Singha in the 17th century. The architecture of this Temple is unique and is one of the prioritized monuments on the Archaeological Survey of India’s list. It has Panch Ratna meaning five-tower structures. The curved ceiling of the Temple is influenced by Islamic architecture giving it a unique blend.
Siddheswar Temple

Siddheshwar was a great contributor to the Lingayatism religion and he is considered as one of the five prophets of the Lingayat section. Siddheshwar temple at Solapur is a renowned temple for followers of the Lingayat section.
Sridhara Temple

Sridhara Temple is a beautiful temple that adorns the land of Bishnupur and is situated in the vicinity of the Madanmohan Temple, another masterpiece of the same kind. It is an ancient temple and is quite famous for the nine spires that it exhibits as its exclusive features.
Keibul Lamjao National Park

Keibul Lamjao National Park is a national park in the Bishnupur district of the state of Manipur in India. It is the only floating park in the world.
Best Time To Visit Bishnupur

The best time to visit Bishnupur is from October to February.

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