About Mizoram

Mizoram, the lesser known North-Eastern state of India is inhabited by various tribes who practise a wide range of religious customs and cultural splendour. Blessed with a diverse range of geographical features, this small state brings excellent opportunities of travelling over the small hillocks with winding trails where one can get the adventurous feel of mountain biking. The landscape of Phawngpui Hills, Vantawang Falls or even Palak Lake looks incredibly picturesque whereas the heritage sites at Chhingpui talk about the forgotten past of the Mizo life. Typical food habit, dance forms, attires, and local music add zing to the overall cultural panorama of Mizoram and tend to be a great deal for any travel enthusiast who would love to taste off beaten.
Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park

Phawngpui National Park or Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park is one of the two national parks of India in Mizoram, the other and the larger being Murlen National Park.
Durtlang Hills

Durtlang Hill on the North is one of the higher hills around Aizawl. Durtlang Hills offer a great view of Aizawl city. Aizawl at night is one of the most beautiful cities in India.
Mini Zoological Garden

The mini zoological garden is situated on a hill called Bethlehem Vengthlang, It is home to a number of rare animals found in Asia. The prime attraction is the endangered Sun Bear, This place also houses a collection of animals and birds, which are mostly found in the hilly regions of Mizoram, Aizawl.
Mizoram State Museum

The Mizoram State Museum is in Aizawl, Mizoram, India. It is an ethnographic museum with multipurpose collections on display. There are five galleries: Textile Gallery, Ethnology, History, Anthropology, Natural History, and Archeology Terrace.
Luangmual Handicrafts Centre

Luangmual Handicrafts Centre specializes in the field of handicrafts making. One of its specialties are the popular 'khumbeu', the ceremonial hat made from waterproof wild hnanthial leaves that are grown in the hilly terrain.
Murlen National Park

Murlen National Park is a national park located in the Champhai district of Mizoram and the size of the park area is 200 km. This national park is famous for housing animals like the hoolock gibbon, and the Himalayan Black Bear. Leopards, tigers, and many other species are spotted here.
Vengpui Peak

Phawngpui or the Blue Mountain is the state’s highest peak overlooking the very picturesque Chhimtuipui River. It is perched atop 2157 meters above sea level and is surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and beautiful flower gardens.
Lohawka Wildlife Sanctuary

Lohawka Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 75.50 sq km and includes tropical evergreen and tropical semi-evergreen forest, where rare species of flora and fauna are abundant. Sambar, barking deer, leopard, and many more.
Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary

Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary has flora and fauna sanctuary is spread across an area of approximately 143 sq. km and has animals together with leopard, wild boar, gradual loris, barking deer, elephant, tiger, and sambar.
Lunglei Bridge of Rock

Lunglei, sometimes spelled Lungleh, literally meaning 'bridge of rock' got its name from a bridge-like rock found in the riverine area around Nghasih a small tributary of the river Tlawng.

Aizawl the capital of Mizoram, is situated at about 1132 meters above sea level. It is a beautiful and bustling 112 years old city set on ridges of steep hills. Flanked on the north by the craggy peaks of Durtlang, the hill city overlooks the valley of the river Tlawng and ranges of blue hill beyond. It is air linked by daily flights from Kolkata and Guwahati. It is connected to Imphal by air and is accessible from Shillong, Guwahati, and Silchar by road.

Champhai is a border town in Mizoram state, in far eastern India. It is the headquarters of Champhai district, one of the eight districts in the state. It is located on the Indo-Myanmar border and is situated in a strategically important location. Because of this, it is the main business corridor for India and Myanmar in the area.

The second-largest city in Mizoram only second to Aizawl, Lunglei is located at a higher altitude than the state’s capital. Lunglei derives its name from a rock resembling a bridge here. It is an ideal location to have some of the most spectacular views the state can offer. Majestic hills, lush greenery, and the rich culture of the land attract tourists in great numbers. Here are some of the top destinations in Lunglei.

Serchhip is the headquarters town of Serchhip district in the Indian state of Mizoram, and also the headquarters of Serchhip Sadar subdivision. It lies in the central part of Mizoram, and 112 km away from the State capital city of Aizawl. The district has the highest literacy all over India. The origin of the name comes from citrus trees found on top of the first hill of the then Serchhip village. The word meaning of Ser-chhip is 'citrus-on-top'. In addition to the former Serchhip village, the Town Area now included New Serchhip and Chhiahtlang villages.

Lawngtlai district is one of the eight districts of Mizoram state in India. The district is bounded on the north by Lunglei district, on the west by Bangladesh, on the south by Myanmar, and on the east by Saiha district. Lawngtlai town is the administrative headquarters of the district.
Best Time To Visit Mizoram

The climate of Mizoram is characterized by a warm and humid feeling. As the tropic of cancer runs through the state, the climate is temperate but pleasant. The monsoon brings heavy rains to Mizoram. Mizoram has a mild climate. It is comfortable in summer 20 to 29 °C and never freezing during winter, with temperatures from 7°C to 21 °C. The region is influenced by monsoons as it rains heavily from May to September with little rain in the cold season.

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