About Mon

Mon is a town and a town area committee in Mon district in the Indian state of Nagaland. This district is also known for Headhunting as it was practiced in historic times. Now a denoted name is given as "Land of Anghs".
Longwa Village

Longwa is a village that lies 42 km away from the Mon town of Nagaland. Its inhabitants have dual citizenship as the Indo-Myanmar border passes through it.
Veda Peak

Veda Peak is the highest peak of the Mon district in Nagaland. Situated approximately 70 kilometers from the district headquarters. Veda peak was the place where the British soldiers first set up their camp and also planted the first opium plant in the land of the Konyak Naga.
Chui Village

Chiu is a prominent village near Mon and is ruled by the Angh of Chui Basti. The Angh's house is the biggest in the village and has a display of skulls of enemies supposedly killed by him and his forebears in the times past. The Konyaks used to be headhunters in the 19th century.
Shangnyu Village

Shangnyu Village is home to the Konyak Naga tribe and reflects the colorful culture of the Naga people.

The name of the town is derived from the words "Naga Rani Mora", which means "the burial place of the Naga queen". Formerly known as Lakha.
Best Time To Visit Mon

Mon is an ideal holiday destination if you wish to witness and wander amidst the historical relics, grassy meadows, and unique lifestyle. The District has a fairly moderate climate and the ideal time to visit Mon is from November to April.  Summers are pleasantly warm in Mon, Nagaland. During this season, people celebrate partaking in cooling activities like going for picnics and sites to entertain themselves. Mon is best avoided during this season as there are chances of landslides, and the weather gets very unpredictable.  Winter happens for the longest time in Nagaland and it is the best time to go for a tour on Mon as the weather is mild and you will have sufficient time to explore its sightseeing places. You can endlessly take up a hiking expedition, go visit villages to villages and witness their natural heritage sites.

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