About Alwar

Alwar is a city in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. Alwar City Palace, from 1793, blends architectural styles and has marble pavilions on lotus-shaped bases in its courtyard, plus a museum with rare manuscripts. It’s next to the marble and sandstone Moosi Maharani Chhatri shrine. A steep path leads to the Bala Qila fort, with marble pillars and latticed balconies. Sariska Tiger Reserve lies southwest of Alwar.
Alwar Fort

Bala Quila is also known as Alwar Fort is a fort in Alwar in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is situated on a hill in the Aravalli Range, above the town of Alwar.
Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri

Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri is a historical former palace featuring notable architecture and a museum with small exhibits.
Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort is famous for its historical ruins and ghost stories. Bhangarh has been regarded as the most haunted place in the country.
Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

Sariska Tiger Reserve is well nestled in the Aravali Hills covering 800 sq km area divided into the grasslands, dry deciduous forests, sheer cliffs, and rocky landscape.
Siliserh Lake Palace

Siliserh Lake Palace is an erstwhile royal palace and hunting lodge, Siliserh Lake palace has been converted into a heritage hotel by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation.

The Hill Fort Kesroli is one of the rare heritage hotels in Alwar that has been in existence since the 14th century. Hill Fort-Kesroli is a great holiday choice for those looking for a relaxing weekend getaway from Delhi.
Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple of Alwar is most famous for the Rath Yatra that takes place here. This temple, which is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, has awe-inspiring medieval architecture and rare floral motifs adorn its gigantic pillars. 
Vijay Mandir Palace

Vijay Mandir Palace is said to have been built as a result of the whims of the eccentric King, Maharaja Jai Singh who was a patron of art and architecture and had a passion for beautiful palaces.
Neelkanth Temple

Neelkanth temple is located within the Tiger Reserve premises and though it is almost in ruins, locals still hold faith in this temple and many other temples in the reserve.
Best Time To Visit Alwar

The best time to visit Alwar is between September to March as it is the apt time to see the exceptional beauty of the land along with the architectural marvels around Alwar. With its cool and pleasant weather, Alwar becomes paradise during the winter season. The weather remains good enough to go sightseeing and a good time to go for a safari to Sariska National Park. If visiting during the winter season, plan the trip around the Alwar Festival, a unique fest that showcases the art and culture of the region. Summers in Alwar are extremely exhaustive but less hot as compared to other regions of Rajasthan. The temperature may reach 43°C thus one should avoid visiting during the summer season. Monsoon too is not the time to go for a tour to Alwar as the weather is quite humid but due to rainfall the region used to look beautiful as it is surrounded by waterfall and ponds. But if tourists want to avoid the season rush then they can visit Alwar during monsoon as many hotels and resorts offer good discounts. If visitors want to see lush greenery, then do visit Sariska National Park during monsoon.

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