About Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal is a popular waterfall in South India on the Kaveri river in the Dharmapuri district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 180 km from Bangalore and 46 km from Dharmapuri.
Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal is a waterfall in South India on the Kaveri river in the Dharmapuri district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Sometimes referred to as the "Niagara Falls of India," it is known for bathing areas and hides boat rides, projecting itself as a major tourist attraction.
Melagiri Hills

Melagiris are a range of hills on the Eastern Ghats, bound by the river Cauvery on the west. Melagiri contains an expanse of 1295 km² of dry deciduous and semi-evergreen forests.
Ellis Park

Near Mettur Dam there is a park at the base of the dam called Ellis Park maintained by the Tamil Nadu Public Works Department.
Mettur Dam

Mettur Dam is one of the largest dams in India and the largest in Tamilnadu located across the river Cauvery where it enters the plains. Built-in 1934 took 9 years to complete.
Theerthamalai Temple

Theerthamalai is an important Sacred place in Harur taluk of Dharmapuri district located in Tamil Nadu. The name Theerthamalai in Tamil means Hill with Holy Water. The temple situated about one km up the steep slope of a hillock derives its name from the five springs in the temple. Lord Theerthagireeswar is the worshipping deity.
Pennagaram Village

Pennagaram is a panchayat town in Dharmapuri district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
Kaveri River

Kaveri, also referred to as Ponni, is an Indian river flowing through the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
Krishnagiri Dam

Krishnagiri Dam is a dam that spans the Thenpennai River by the village of Dhuduganahalli, located in Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu, India. The Krishnagiri Dam is also known as Krishnagiri Reservoir Project (KRP) Dam.
Subramanya Siva Memorial

Subramaniya Siva was an Indian writer and activist during the Indian independence movement. A memorial has been established at Papparapatti near Pennagaram in Dharmapuri district.
Best Time To Visit Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal can be visited throughout the year. The best time to visit Hogenakkal is right after the monsoon season from October to March. During this time the river is in full spade and tourists can experience the beauty of the waterfalls. Also, the weather is quite pleasant during this time with moderate and comfortable temperatures. However, many tourists also prefer to visit the place during the off-season as well. Boating is allowed only during the dry season during which time the waterfalls are not strong enough to disturb the boats.

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