About Kalimpong

Kalimpong is an east Indian hill town in the Himalayan foothills of West Bengal. Perched on a ridge above the Teesta River, it’s home to colonial-era buildings like MacFarlane Memorial Church, named after a Scottish missionary. South, the hilltop Durpin Monastery, or Zang DhokPalri Phodang, contains sacred Buddhist scriptures. Deolo Park has landscaped gardens and offers views of the town and surrounding hills.
Deolo Hill

Deolo Hill is one of the two hills that the town of Kalimpong stands between. The hill is the highest point of Kalimpong town. The hill is located northeast of the town. Three water reservoirs, two of which serve as the primary drinking water source to the town are present atop this hill.
Dr. Graham’s Home

Dr. Graham's Homes was founded in 1900 by Reverend Dr. John Anderson Graham, a missionary of the Church of Scotland, who settled in Kalimpong and worked with the local community for several years during the turn of the 20th century.
Mangal Dham

Mangal Dham is one of the most beautiful temples in India and one of the best in Kalimpong. It spans over a sprawling 2 acres area and located close to Thongsa Gompa. In 1940 Guruji Shri Mangal Dasji Maharaj visited Kalimpong.
Tharpa Choling Monastery

Tharpa Choling Monastery is located on the way to Graham's Home. It follows the yellow hat sect. It was built in 1937 and has many old Buddhist scripts.
Flower Nursery

Kalimpong has flourished in floriculture due to its climate. Many commercial and specialized flower nurseries have come up in the area. They mainly export flowers and plants. One of the best is the beautiful University Nursery which is located about 3kms from the town and the on the road that leads towards Teesta.

Crockety is arranged in the upper area of the town of Kalimpong. The phenomenal engineering and the illustrious look would get your consideration. It remains as an image of British engineering excellence.
Durpin Dara Hill

Durpin Dara Hill is the second-highest mountain in the area and located south of Kalimpong town. The word 'Durpin' in Nepali means binocular and you can guess why such a name - great views of course. This is where the famous Durpin Monastery is located. You get magnificent views of Kanchenjunga and the entire mountain range, rivers Teesta and Rangeet flowing below, neighboring areas like Peshoke tea estate, Takdah cantonment, western Sikkim, Nathu-la, Tiger hill top, Kurseong, Siliguri, etc.
Pendong Monastery

Pedong village is located at a distance of 15.3 km from Rishyap village. The site lies on the silk route that forms a bridge through Jelep La Pass to enter Tibet from India. Short treks and a visit to Damsang Fort which was constructed in 1690 can be enjoyed. The fort had witnessed the war between Lepchas and Bhutias. Thus, at present, the fort is in ruins.

Loleygaon is a small Lepcha village and is situated at the extreme end of a Himalayan ridge. It is located at a distance of 24 km from Lava, at an altitude of 1,675 meters.
Best Time To Visit Kalimpong

The best time to visit Kalimpong is from March to May and September to December. The summer season begins with the coming of March and it ends with the month of May. The weather remains mild and comfortable during this period. It is a good time to visit Kalimpong and enjoy sightseeing. Kalimpong experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. The monsoon season starts in the month of June and ends in September. As heavy rainfall leads to landslides and road blockages, it is not a good time to visit the place. The Winter season in Kalimpong starts in December and ends in February. Kalimpong experiences cool and pleasant weather during this season. The temperature ranges between 1°C to 15°C and at times, it drops down to a minimum of subzero temperature.

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