About Bagan

Bagan is an ancient city in central Myanmar formerly Burma, southwest of Mandalay. Standing on the eastern banks of the Ayeyarwady River, it’s known for the Bagan Archaeological Area, where more than 2,000 Buddhist monuments tower over green plains. Holy sites around Old Bagan include the ornate Ananda Temple, built-in 1091, and topped with a golden stupa. Nearby is the vast 12th-century Dhammayangyi Temple. Also in Old Bagan lie intricately carved Thatbyinnyu, one of the city’s tallest temples, and the huge Hindi temple Nathlaung Kyaung. The riverside Bagan Archaeological Museum exhibits sacred artifacts. Shwezigon Pagoda, also set along the meandering Ayeyarwady River, is a gilded temple dating back to the 11th century. Between the museum and the pagoda, Htilominlo Temple rises dramatically above the trees, while the red-stone Sulamani Temple contains painted Buddha statues. New Bagan and Nyaung-U are modern settlements close to the monuments. Southeast of Bagan, Mt. Popa National Park is home to an extinct volcano.
Ananda Temple

Ananda Temple is a huge, stately Buddhist temple built in 1105, with notable architecture, sculptures, and paintings.
Shwezigon Pagoda

Shwezigon Pagoda is an 11th-century Buddhist pagoda featuring a monumental stupa covered in gold leaf and intricate carvings.
Dhammayangyi Temple

Dhammayangyi Temple is an imposing temple built in the 12th century, featuring shrines, Buddha statues, and walkways.
Thatbyinnyu Temple

Thatbyinnyu Temple is a towering 12th-century Buddhist temple, 60 m. tall, with ornate details and receding terraces.
Gawdawpalin Temple

Gawdawpalin Temple is a large Buddhist temple dating to the 12th century, with a towering pagoda and four golden Buddha statues.
Popa Mountain National Park

Popa Mountain National Park is a national park of Burma. It is located in Kyaukpadaung Township in Mandalay Division. It occupies an area of 129 square kilometers and was established in 1989.
Shwesandaw Pagoda

Shwesandaw Pagoda was Built-in 1057 AD, the Buddhist pagoda's five terraces are used as viewing decks for sunset and sunrise.
Sulamani Temple

Sulamani Temple is a stately, 12th-century stone Buddhist temple with scenic views, elaborate carvings, and statues.
Htilominlo Temple

Htilominlo Temple is an enduring Buddhist temple constructed with red brick in 1211, featuring three stories and four Buddha statues.
Manuha Temple

Manuha Temple is a Buddhist temple dating to 1067, with three seated Buddha figures and an enormous reclining Buddha statue.
Bupaya Pagoda

Bupaya Pagoda is a sacred pagoda on the river featuring a bulb-shaped dome originally built by the 3rd King of Pagan.
Shwegugyi Temple

Shwegugyi Temple is a small, 12th-century Buddhist temple complex with ancient inscriptions and scenic views.
Nanpaya Temple

Nanpaya Temple is a historic brick and stone temple with intricate interior wall carvings depicting Hindu gods.
Dhammayazika Pagoda

Dhammayazika Pagoda is a Buddhist temple located in the village of Pwasaw in Burma. It was built in 1196 during the reign of King Narapatisithu. The pagoda is circular in design and is made of brick. Its three terraces contain terra cotta tiles illustrating scenes from the Jataka.
Lawkananda Pagoda

Lawkananda Pagoda is a tiered gilded pagoda, built in the 11th century, known for its enshrined replica of Buddha's tooth.

Bulethi is a Hilltop temple reached by a steep climb, offering expansive vistas of ancient structures and sunsets.
Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Bagan, Burma. It was built in the mid-13th century during the reign of King Htilominlo and is modeled after the Mahabodhi Temple, and is modeled after the Mahabodhi Temple of Bihar.
Tantkyitaung Pagoda

Tantkyitaung Pagoda with sacred relics and religious statues sit within this ancient, golden Buddhist pagoda on a hill.
Nathlaung Kyaung Temple

Nathlaung Kyaung Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu. The temple is located inside the city walls of Old Bagan, Burma. Nathlaung Kyaung Temple is to the west of the Thatbyinnyu Temple.
Best Time To Visit Bagan

The winter season is from November to February. As the weather is comfortable and rainfall is decreasing, the cool season has become the peak tourist season and the best time to visit Bagan. The summer season is usually from March to May, when the weather is unbearably hot and dry. In this period, visitors should bring sun hats or UV protection umbrellas, mosquito repellent, and moisturizing spray, to protect skin from sunburn and mosquito bites. The monsoon season is from June to October. During this period, the temperature is relatively comfortable, but rainfall increases a lot, and roads are wet and slippery.

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