About Tashkent

Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. It’s known for its many museums and its mix of modern and Soviet-era architecture. The Amir Timur Museum houses manuscripts, weapons, and other relics from the Timurid dynasty. Nearby, the huge State Museum of History of Uzbekistan has centuries-old Buddhist artifacts. The city’s skyline is distinguished by Tashkent Tower, which offers city views from its observation deck.
Amir Timur Museum

Amir Timur Museum located in Tashkent the capital of Uzbekistan and is dedicated to the Mongol warlord Amir Timur. There are more than 5,000 artifacts in the museum collection, with more than 2,000 displayed in museum exhibition halls. The museum also showcases exhibits related to representatives of the Timurid dynasty, including maps, weapons, copper and silver coins, miniatures, rare manuscripts, potteries, and jewelry.
State Museum of History of Uzbekistan

State Museum of History of Uzbekistan previously known as the National Museum of Turkestan, was founded in 1876. It is located in Tashkent. Formerly known as the Lenin Museum. The highlight of the museum is a very well preserved alabaster Buddha relief found from Fayaz Tepe in Termez. There are numerous fragmentary remains of Buddha heads and decorative motifs found from different sites around Termez.
Tashkent Zoo

Tashkent Zoo is a large zoo with 349 kinds of animals, mammals, reptiles, birds, and fishes live in open-air cages. At the aquarium, you can see sharks, moral eels, turtles along with freshwater and saltwater species.
Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan

Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan is the largest state art museum in Uzbekistan. Its permanent collection contains more than several thousand works, divided among four curatorial departments. The collection of the museum consisted of a hundred works of art from prince Nikolay Romanov and other individual's private collections.
Chorsu Bazaar

Chorsu Bazaar is the traditional bazaar located in the center of the old town of Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. Under its blue-colored domed building and the adjacent areas, all daily necessities are sold.
Kukeldash Madrasah

Kukeldash Madrasah is a medieval madrasa in Tashkent, located close to Chorsu Bazaar and Chorsu Metro station. It was built around 1570 by the Shaybanid Dynasty of rulers. The madrasah is built of yellow brick and has a traditional square shape with a big portal and an inner yard.
Amir Temur Square

Amir Temur Square is a monumental square with fountains and esplanades around an equestrian statue of 13th-century ruler Timur. The monument is represented as a bronze figure of Amir Timur with imperial regalia on a reared horse. Amir Timur Square is surrounded by the buildings of the “Uzbekistan” Hotel, University of Law, Amir Timur Museum, well-known Tashkent Chimes, and the Forums Palace - one of the most grandiose architectural structures in Tashkent.
Tashkent Tower

Tashkent Television Tower is a 375-meter-high tower, located in Tashkent and is the 12th tallest tower in the world. The tower has an observation deck located 318 feet above the ground and is made using traditional Uzbek and contemporary architecture. People can visit the viewing deck and the two restaurants at the top of the tower which over sweeping views of the city.
Art Gallery Of Uzbekistan

Art Gallery of Uzbekistan is established in Tashkent and one of the most visited modern museums of local people in Uzbekistan. The exhibition area of the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan is estimated to be 3,500 square meters, with 15 rooms. Meanwhile, there is a conference room, lecture hall, small cinema hall, library, and studio to hold master classes and workshops. There are cafeterias and small gift shops at the main building of the Gallery.
Tashkent Museum of Railway Techniques

Tashkent Museum of Railway Equipment is a railway museum in Tashkent and is the only such museum in Uzbekistan. The museum hosts 13 steam engines, 18 diesel, and 3 electric locomotives that were used across Uzbekistan to pull different types of wagons many of which are also on display.
Best Time To Visit Tashkent

The best time to visit Tashkent is from April to May and during September and November when the weather is warm and dry.

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