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Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. It's popularly known for its summer party atmosphere. Beaches such as Paradise and Super Paradise have bars that blare thumping music. Massive dance clubs attract world-renowned DJs and typically stay open well past dawn. Iconic landmarks include a row of 16th-century windmills, which sit on a hill above Mykonos town. Chora, the local name for Mykonos town, is located in a sheltered bay on the west coast. Here, narrow, mazelike lanes are lined with white cubiform houses trimmed with bougainvillea and blue doors and shutters. Matoyianni Street is the heart of the retail scene, with chic, high-end shops, cafes, and art galleries. The town's Little Venice quarter is filled with waterfront bars, seafood restaurants, and houses with colorful balconies. Nearby, Panagia Paraportiani is a whitewashed church with a famously lumpy, lopsided shape.
Aegean Maritime Museum

Aegean Maritime Museum is a maritime museum in Mykonos. The museum aims to undertake the preservation, promotion, and study of Greek maritime history and tradition and specializes in the merchant-ship history of the Aegean Sea. The garden of the Aegean Maritime Museum, aside from displaying the lighthouse, has a number of ancient sailors' marble gravestones collected from the islands of Mykonos and Delos.
Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is a museum in Mykonos. Its collections include exhibits dating from the Prehistoric to the Hellenistic period. The exhibition of the museum includes a large number of vases, ranging from the prehistoric to the late Hellenistic period, grave statues, stelae, and funerary urns from Rheneia, and very few finds from Mykonos.
Archaeological Museum of Delos

Archaeological Museum of Delos is a museum on the island of Delos, near Mykonos in the South Aegean. It is noted for its extensive collection of statues unearthed in the surrounding area of the ancient site, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Delos Archaeological Museum also contains the torso of a kouros of the 6th century BC, and an inscribed triangular base of another kouros statue found in the Sanctuary of Apollo dated to the 7th century BC.
Lena's House

Lena's House is a museum from the 19th-century authentic middle-class Mykonian residence of the 19th century, representing a typical internal arrangement of space. It contains a spacious drawing room, two bedrooms, and two courtyards, and a dovecote. The rich antique furnishings, such as large frames containing splendid prints, the tapestries, the wood carvings, old mirrors, painted plates, etc.

Delos is a Greek island and archaeological site in the Aegean Sea's Cyclades archipelago near Mykonos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the mythological birthplace of Apollo, it was a major religious center and port during the 1st millennium B.C. The island's ruins encompass Doric temples, markets, an amphitheater, houses with mosaics, and the iconic Terrace of the Lions statues. The Archaeological Museum displays statues excavated from the site.
Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos is a fishing village near the village of Avliotes located on the northwest coast of Corfu island. It is the perfect place to be if you want to combine relaxation with several activities and experiences. You can see traditional Greek whitewashed houses, churches, hotels, and villas.

Cynthus is located on the isle of Delos, part of the Greek Cyclades. In Greek mythology, Leto gave birth to Apollo and Artemis on this island, having been shunned by Zeus' wife Hera who was extremely jealous of his liaison with Leto. As the centre of the circular Aegean islands, Mount Cynthus offers superb views of the innermost islands of Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Syros, and Rhenia.
Ftelia Beach

Ftelia Beach is a tranquil beach in the north of Mykonos. The beach is very popular with windsurfers with winds ideal for surfing. The beach has a few bars with sunbeds.
Rarity Gallery

Rarity Gallery is a small and modern gallery showcasing the work of contemporary international artists in different media. The contemporary art gallery established by Vassilis Matsaidonis and Christos Nikolaou in 1994 in the centre of Mykonos. The vision has always been to contribute to the art scene by exhibiting for the first time in Greece selected artworks from a diverse array of established living artists.
Agios Sostis Beach

Agios Sostis Beach is a quiet beach on Mykonos island. It is an unspoiled area without any kind of amenities, a characteristic that creates to visitors a feeling of total freedom. The beach stretches for about 250 meters and visitors go down a small path to reach Agios Sostis.
Best Time To Visit Mykonos

The best time to visit Mykonos is from June to September.

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