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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, encompasses 14 islands and more than 50 bridges on an extensive Baltic Sea archipelago. The cobblestone streets and ochre-colored buildings of Gamla Stan the old town is home to the 13th-century Storkyrkan Cathedral, the Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace, and the Nobel Museum, which focuses on the Nobel Prize. Ferries and sightseeing boats shuttle passengers between the islands. The royal family’s Drottningholm Palace and gardens on Lovön Island are open to the public. Djurgården Island’s parkland is home to the Skansen open-air museum, with more than 100 rebuilt dwellings from the 16th century onwards. A 17th-century warship is held at the Vasa Museum. Moderna Museet has modern and contemporary art by Kandinsky, Matisse, and Dali. Södermalm Island is home to the Fotografiska contemporary photography museum, bohemian shops, galleries, and nightclubs. On Kungsholmen Island, the City Hall’s 106m tower has a bird's-eye view of the city and the water.

The Vasa Museum is a maritime museum in Stockholm. The museum displays the only almost fully intact 17th-century ship that has ever been salvaged, the 64-gun warship Vasa that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. Around the ship are numerous exhibits and models portraying the construction, sinking, location, and recovery of the ship. It also features four floating museum ships moored outside the Vasa Museum.

Skansen is the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden and is located on the island Djurgården in Stockholm. It is the world's oldest open-air museum and the many exhibits over the 75-acre site include a full replica of an average 19th-century town, in which craftsmen in traditional dress such as tanners, shoemakers, silversmiths, bakers, and glass-blowers demonstrate their skills in period surroundings.
Stockholm Palace

Stockholm Palace or the Royal Palace is the official residence and major royal palace of the Swedish monarch. The palace is used for representative purposes by the King whilst performing his duties as the head of state. The interior of the palace consists of 1,430 rooms of which 660 have windows. The palace contains apartments for the Royal families, representation, and festivities such as the State Apartments, the Guest Apartments, and the Bernadotte Apartments.
Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall is the building of the Municipal Council for the City of Stockholm in Sweden. It houses offices and conference rooms as well as ceremonial halls, and the luxury restaurant Stadshuskällaren. It is the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet and is one of Stockholm's major tourist attractions. The small park between the building and Lake Mälaren's shore is adorned with several sculptures, among them Carl Eldh's ensemble representing the three artists August Strindberg, Gustaf Fröding, and Ernst Josephson.
Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace is the private residence of the Swedish royal family and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in Drottningholm built on the island Lovön and is one of Sweden's Royal Palaces. The gardens and park areas surrounding the castle and its buildings are one of the main attractions for the tourists that visit the palace each year.
Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund, or colloquially Grönan, is an amusement park in Stockholm. The amusement park has over 30 attractions and is a popular venue for rock and pop music concerts in the summer. The park's location is unique in the sense that most of the buildings are old residential and commercial structures from the 19th century.
Nobel Museum

Nobel Prize Museum is located in the former Stock Exchange Building on the north side of the square Stortorget in Gamla Stan. The Nobel Prize Museum showcases information about the Nobel Prize and Nobel prizewinners, as well as information about the founder of the prize, Alfred Nobel. The museum's permanent display includes many artifacts donated by Nobel Laureates, presented together with personal life stories.
ABBA The Museum

ABBA The Museum is a Swedish interactive exhibition about the pop band ABBA in Stockholm. The museum showcases the band’s stage clothes, artifacts, concert footage, interviews, etc. in a contemporary, interactive setting. Once inside the museum you can sing and dance with holograms of ABBA, don a digital costume projected on to you in a special booth and you can record it by scanning your ticket at the attraction.

Storkyrkan also called Stockholms domkyrka the oldest church in Stockholm. Inside, Storkyrkan still maintains much of its late medieval appearance in the form of a hall church with a vaulted ceiling supported by brick pillars. It has been the scene of historical events on numerous occasions and was used as a coronation church for centuries. The church contains several important works of art as well as elaborate furnishings, among these a late medieval sculpture of Saint George and the Dragon and Vädersolstavlan, a painting which shows one of the earliest images of Stockholm.
Nordic Museum

Nordic Museum is a museum located on Djurgården, an island in central Stockholm dedicated to the cultural history and ethnography of Sweden from the early modern period to the contemporary period. The museum has over 1.5 million objects in its collections, including buildings such as the Julita farm in Södermanland, Svindersvik in Nacka, Tyresö Palace in Tyresö, and the chaplain farm at Härkeberga near Enköping. The museum research library contains 3,800 shelf meters of literature from the 16th century and onward.
Best Time To Visit Stockholm

The best time to visit Stockholm is from May to September when the weather is pleasant.

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