Los Glaciares National Park, home to the massive Perito Moreno Glacier, is popular for hiking and sightseeing.
Visit the archaeological park and the archaeological site Alto de los Idolos a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Enjoy the drive to Cabo Polonio where you will see one of the largest colonies of sea lions of South America.
Visit the spectacular equatorial line monument where the yellow line divides the two hemispheres.
Grab the opportunity to visit the Wine pairing at Vinolia to discover the secrets of Chilean wines.
Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Iguassu waterfall from both the Brazilian and the Argentinean sides.
Explore Lima's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with fascinating historical buildings.
Discover the mysterious Nazca lines, made up of figures that form a monkey, a spider, a condor, and more.