Cookie Policy

We use cookies to make our website as user-friendly and functional as possible for you. Some of these cookies are stored on the device you use to access the site.

Cookies are small packages of data that are exchanged between your browser and our web server whenever you visit our website. They do not cause any damage and are used solely to recognize website visitors. Cookies can only store the information provided by your browser, e.g. information that you have entered into your browser or that is available on the website. Cookies cannot execute code and cannot be used to access your terminal device.

The next time you access our website using the same device, the information stored in the cookies can then either be sent back to us (“first-party cookie”) or to a web application of a third party to whom the cookie belongs (“third-party cookie”).  The information that is stored and sent back allows each web application to recognize that you have already accessed and visited the website using the browser on your device.

Cookies contain the following information:

  • Cookie name
  • Name of the server from which the cookie originates
  • Cookie ID number
  • An expiry date, after which the cookie will be automatically deleted

We classify cookies in the following categories depending on their purpose and function:

  • Technically necessary cookies, to ensure the technical operation and basic functions of our website. These types of cookies are used, for example, to maintain your settings while you navigate our website; or they can ensure that important information is retained throughout the session (e.g. login, shopping cart).
  • Statistics cookies, to understand how visitors interact with our website by collecting and analyzing information on an anonymous basis only. In this way, we gain valuable insights to optimize both the website and our products and services.
  • Marketing cookies, to provide targeted promotional and marketing activities for users on our website.
  • Unclassified cookies are cookies that we are trying to classify together with individual cookie providers.

Depending on the storage period, we also divide cookies into session and persistent cookies. Session cookies store information that is used during your current browser session. These cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. No information remains on your device. Persistent cookies store information between two visits to the website. Based on this information, you will be recognized as a returning visitor on your next visit and the website will react accordingly. The lifespan of a persistent cookie is determined by the provider of the cookie.

Cookie Management

In the options of your web browser, you can manage the usage of cookies. Generally, the browser offers the following setting:

 1.   View Cookies,

 2.   Accept Cookies,

 3.   Deactivate all/designated Cookies,

 4.   Deactivate all Cookies when closing the browser,

 5.   Block Cookies,

 6.   Note when setting new cookies,

 7.  Contradiction of tracking web analysis.

Please Note

By blocking our Cookies by your web browser you might not be able to use certain parts of our website, respectively some or all functions mentioned in the point might not work properly. By setting the option “Delete all Cookies” in your web browser, all browser pre-sets will be deleted when closing the browser.

Amendment of this policy

Destination To Plan may from time to time amend this policy. When this policy is so amended, the last date of such amendment shall be indicated on this policy under the legend “Revised on DD-MM-YYYY”. In the event the amendment of this policy results in an enlargement of the scope of permitted disclosures of personally identifiable information, we shall obtain your consent before such disclosure.

The cookie policy was last updated on 14-10-2021.