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Nashik is an ancient holy city in Maharashtra, a state in western India. It’s known for its links to the “Ramayana” epic poem. On the Godavari River is Panchavati, a temple complex. Nearby, Lord Rama was thought to have bathed at Ram Kund water tank, today attended by Hindu devotees. ShriKalaramSansthanMandir is an ancient shrine to Rama, while Rama and Sita are said to have worshipped at SitaGufaa caves. Sundarnarayan Temple marks the site of a legend of Lord Vishnu. Tapovan is a pilgrimage site next to the Nasardi River, close to where Lord Rama purportedly lived. Colorful statues of Hindu gods fill ISKCON, a modern temple for the worship of Lord Krishna. The temple complex Muktidham, in white sculpted marble, has painted scenes depicting the lives of Krishna and several chapters of the "Bhagavad Gita," an ancient Hindu scripture. On a small hill to the southwest are the 24 Pandavleni Caves, dating back millennia. They are marked by Buddha carvings, rare inscriptions, and cisterns. Vineyards dot the land west of the city.
Kalaram Temple

Kalaram Temple is an old Hindu shrine dedicated to Rama in the Panchavati area of Nashik city in Maharashtra. It is probably the most important Hindu shrine in the city.
Pandavleni Caves

Pandavleni caves, or Nasik caves, are a group of 24 caves carved between the 1st century BCE and the 3rd century CE, though additional sculptures were added up to about the 6th century, reflecting changes in Buddhist devotional practices.

Muktidham is a marble temple complex honoring various Hindu gods. It is a popular tourist attraction situated in the Nashik Road suburb of the city of Nashik in the State of Maharashtra in India.

Ramsej or Ramshej Fort is a small fort located 10 kilometers north-west of Nashik, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Ramsej fort saw the war against the Mughal Empire for six and a half years.
Sita Gufaa

Sita Gufaa is a small cave and religious pilgrimage destination linked to the Hindu Ramayana epic of the goddess Sita.
Sundarnarayan Temple

Sundarnarayan Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this ancient Hindu shrine is adorned by paintings and intricate carvings.

Tapovan is a famous mountain destination offering trekking, climbing, glacier-traversing, and camping accommodations.
Saptashrungi Temple

Saptashrungi Temple is a modest, popular hilltop Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Saptashrungi Nivasini.
Shrine of The Infant Jesus

Shrine of The Infant Jesus is a simple, serene sanctuary known for its ornate infant Jesus statue, along with a courtyard and souvenir shop.
Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards or "Sula" is a winery and vineyard located in the Nashik region of western India,180 km northeast of Mumbai. After the launch of its first wines in 2000, Sula expanded from its original 30-acre family estate in Nashik to approximately 1800 acres across Nashik and the state of Karnataka.
Best Time To Visit Nashik

The best time to visit Nashik is from October to March. Summers in Nashik can get really hot and humid. It is not that ideal to visit Nashik during this time because the fun quotient in traveling will be lost due to the sultry weather. The months of March, April, and May mark the summer season, and temperatures can get as high as 41°C. Monsoon in Nashik is during the months of June to September. This period experiences moderate to high rainfall. Monsoons can sometimes be accompanied by floods. Nashik is enshrouded in lush greenery during this season and the city gets transformed into a beautiful landscape. However, it is not advisable to visit the city during monsoons. Winter is the most suitable time of the year to go to Nashik. With the temperature ranging from 12°C to 32°C, the stay in Nashik would be extremely comfortable, enjoyable, satisfactory, and fruitful.

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