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Panhala is a city and a Hill station Municipal Council 18 km northwest of Kolhapur, in Kolhapur district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Panhala is the smallest city in Maharashtra and being a Municipal Council the city is developing rapidly. The city sprawls in the Panhala fort commands a panoramic view of the valley below. The main historical attraction here is the Panhala fort. There are many places of interest, each with its share of haunting anecdotes.
Panhala Fort

Panahala fort was built between 1178 and 1209 CE, one of 15 forts built by the Shilahara ruler Bhoja II. It is said that the aphorism Kahaan Raja Bhoj, kahan Gangu Teli is associated with this fort.
Sajja Kothi

Sajja Kothi is a one-story structure built by Ibrahim Adil Shah in 1500 CE. It is also built in the Bijapuri style. Sajja Kothi was constructed as a viewing pavilion looking over the valley below. This is where Shivaji imprisoned his son, Sambhaji, when he threatened to defect to Aurangzeb.
Sunset Point

North to the Panhala Fort is the sunset point. There is a small fort and on the top of the fort, you could get to view the beautiful sunset with clear visibility.
Parashar Caves

Panhala was traditionally considered the residence of Maharishi Parashar where the great sage meditated in these caves. These are supposed to be the caves where the sage lived. Moropant, an 18th century Marathi poet, wrote most of his work in these caves. These caves are mentioned in the Karvir Puran as teerths.
Jyotiba Temple

Jyotiba is a holy place of Hinduism near Wadi Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India. The deity of the temple is known by the same name, and is held by the locals to be an incarnation of three gods: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha, and Jamadagni.
Mahalaxmi Temple

The temple is of special religious significance and is considered to be a place where Shakti (goddess of empowerment) manifests and as one of only six sacred houses of Shakti where worshipers can either be freed from or granted their longings.
Teen Darwaza

Teen Darwaza was one of the three double gateways of the fort - the others being the Char Darwaja and Wagh Darwaja. The Char Darwaza was destroyed when during the British siege. The Teen Darwaja gate which is the main entrance to the fort is located north of the Andhar Bavai on the West side of the fort.

Amberkhana, situated in the center of the fort, were three granaries built in the Bijapuri style of architecture. They enabled Shivaji to withstand a 5-month siege by Siddhi Johar.
Best Time To Visit Panhala

The best time to visit Panhala is from September to May.

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