Roing, one of the jewels of Arunachal Pradesh, is situated in Lower Dibang Valley. It attracts people with its picturesque landscape, ancient history, and adventurous locations. Evidence collected by archaeologists establishes that Roing is very ancient with human habitation beginning here since the Neolithic period.

Mayudia with lush green forests setting a perfect surrounding and a view of stunning landscape with snow-clad mountains. Mayudia is a hill resort situated, you will be awe-struck by the sight of snowfall and the spectacular valley that set the right atmosphere for you to feel oneness with nature.
Mehao Lake

Mehao Lake is a photographer’s delight. Set amidst the dense green forest with beautiful flowers and plants, the 4 sq km water body sans fish attracts wild ducks in great numbers. Geologists claim that this lake is Oligotrophic as there is no fish in the lake. 
Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary

Mehao wildlife sanctuary is a dense forest and home to various wild animals including tiger, leopard, jackal, Himalayan black bear, Indian porcupine, wild dog, and many more. 
Bhismaknagar Fort

Bhismaknagar Fort is considered to belong to the 8th century. The fort has been named the oldest archaeological site found in Roing.

Hunli is nestled in a picturesque valley and it offers you spectacular views. The place is famous for trekking and the cave temple at Kupunli. 

Nijomaghat was constructed during the 19th century by the British to enable them to access the hills and it was named after J.F. Needham, a British political officer. 
Nehru Van Udyan

Nehru Van Udyan lies majestically on Deopani River banks and it is a kilometer away from Roing. This amazing forest park has beautiful orchids and cactus house.
Rukmini Nati

Rukmini Nati is famously known as Chimiri Fort. Its location in the village Chimiri which gives it the name Chimiri Fort. It is considered to be a 14th-century construction. 
Sally Lake

Sally lake overlooks the spectacular valley below and it is encompassed by dense green forest being situated in Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary.
Iphi-Pani Ghat

Iphi-Pani Ghat offers a breathtaking view of the Dibang River and the valley. You can indulge yourself in fishing and angling or have a quiet session with nature listening to its whispers.
Best Time To Visit

October to February are the best months to visit Roing as the weather is brilliant and the ponds are also very pretty with lotuses blooming in them. The weather during the summer months of March till June is also pleasant with temperatures rarely exceeding 30° Celsius. Monsoons must be avoided as it will get tricky to reach here as the road-conditions are unpredictable.

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