About Bargarh

Bargarh is popularly known for intensive cultivation of 'paddy', therefore called "Bhata Handi" of Odisha State. Bargarh is one of the many forts built by the Chouhan dynasty. The old fort walls can be traced near the 'Jeera' river towards the plains of Ambapali. Bargarh is known for the annual festival, Dhanu Jatra which attracts a lot of tourists worldwide.
Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary houses a varied flora and fauna. It comprises Debrigarh and Lohara reserve forests under the Barapahad hills of the Bargarh district in Western Odisha.
Gandhamardan Hills

Hanuman failed to identify the particular herb and carried on his shoulders a huge Himalayan mass. While flying above and proceeding toward Lanka a portion dropped down. Gandhamardan is synonymous with that portion only.
Nrusinghnath Temple

Nrusinghnath is a form of Hindu Lord Vishnu. Sri Nrusinghanath, the great temple of Odisha in India, is situated at the foothills of Gandhamardhan Hill near Paikmal, Bargarh.
Nrusimhanath Waterfalls

On the northern side of the Gandhamardan hills is the temple of Nrusimhanath waterfall of Odisha located 165 km from Sambalpur. Murmuring rivulets engirdle the shrine forming various waterfalls at different stages. Bhimadhar, Gadadhar, Guptadhar, Pitrudhar, Kapiladhar, and Chaladhar are picturesque waterfalls at Nrusimhanath.
Chaldhar Waterfall

Chaldhar Waterfall is natural springs at Nrushinghanath at the foot of Gandhamardhan hills of Padampur subdivision forming streams flowing in cascades down the steep hillside. The waterfalls are called Kapil dhar, Bhim dhar, and Chal dhar, which are considered to be very sacred.
Shiv Temple

There are many large Shiva temples in the Bargarh district. The most important are the asta sambhu or the eight Shiva temples namely, Bimaleswar temple, Kedarnath temple, Baidyanath temple, Balunkeswar temple, Mandhata temple, Swapneswar temple, Visweswar temple, and the Nilakantheswar temple.
Best Time To Visit Bargarh

The best time to visit Bargarh visit is between October to March. 

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