Ross Island

Ross Island

Ross islands are famous for the ruins of Penal colony that precedes the cellular jail or the Kaala paani. The jail was formerly used to incarcerate political prisoners and we can still see the ruins of the gallows on this island. 
Ross Island Penal Colony

Ross Island Penal Colony was a convict settlement that was established in 1858 in the remote Andaman Islands by the British colonial government in India,
British Colony Ruins

The British had made a residential colony on this island and built houses, church, bakery, stores, swimming pool which now remain in ruins
Japanese Bunkers

Ross island is famous for its bunkers. The bunkers were built and used as watch points to safeguard the Island from any attacks from incoming ships.
Barren Island

Barren Island is an island located in the Andaman Sea, dominated by Barren Volcano, the only confirmed active volcano in South Asia, and the only active volcano along a chain of volcanoes from Sumatra to Myanmar.
Forest Department Museum

Large sawmill with an educational museum on the forestry industry, plus wooden artwork for sale.
Best Time To Visit Ross Island

The best time to visit Ross Island is between October and March. The temperatures remain around 22 to 30 degrees Celsius, making it perfect to enjoy sightseeing and partaking in water sports. In the summer months, from April till May, the weather reaches somewhere around 37to 38 degrees Celsius with hot air flowing all around. From late May till mid-September, the island receives heavy rainfall, strong winders, and high humidity, making underwater visibility pretty low. This season should best be avoided.

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