About Murud

Murud is a popular tourist destination in the Raigad district. The Palace of Nawab is located in Murud and was built in 1885 for administration purposes. Murud is known for a notable beach, and for its proximity to Janjira off the coast of Rajapuri, a sea fort.
Murud Beach

Murud Beach is a vast expanse of black sand with clear bluish waters stretching almost 1.75 km along the coastline. This is one of the famous beaches of Maharashtra and also one of the top places to visit in Alibaug.
Murud Janjira

Murud-Janjira is the local name for a fort situated on an island just off the coastal village of Murud, in the Raigad district of Maharashtra.
Sidhi Vinayak Temple

Siddhi Vinayaka temple is situated at Nandgaon between Kashid and Murud about 10 km before Murud. A grand festival is organized here every year on 'Maghi Chaturthi' day which is celebrated with much pomp and fervor.
Nawab Palace

Nawab palace was built in 1885 for administration purposes. However, you can see the Palace only from outside as the palace is still owned by the descendants of the Nawab and is private property.
Datta Mandir

Datta mandir is situated atop a hill about 2kms from Murud Janjira commands a panoramic view of Murud Janjira and the Murud beach. Swami Bramhendra built this temple dedicated to Shri Datta.
Garambi Falls

Garambi Falls and its surroundings are a visual treat to the eyes during the monsoons. Water cascades down from a height of 100 feet and is pure and is suitable for drinking.
Garamdi Dam

Garambi Dam was created by Nawab Sir Siddi Ahmed Khan. Located on the twin-island of Murud Janjira. It was built during the Siddi reign, in memory of Queen Victoria.
Sidi Tombs

The largest is the tomb of Sidi Surul Khan, who was chief of Janjira State from 1707 to 1734. One of the two smaller tombs is that of Sidi Kasim, commonly known as Yakut Khan, who was in command of Janjira (1670–1677), of the Mugal fleet (1677–1696), and again of Janjira (1696–1707).
Best Time To Visit Murud

The best time to visit Murud is from October to March. The summers in Murud are hot and dry and are generally avoided by the tourists. The month of March marks the start of the summer season and it lasts till June. Temperature ranges between 23°C to 36°C during these months. July marks the beginning of the Monsoon season in Murud and it lasts till September. Moderate rainfall is experienced by the region in the months of July and September. Murud experiences winters in the months of November to February. The temperature remains in the comfortable 13°C - 29°C during these months. These are the best months to visit Murud Janjira.

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