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Zermatt, in southern Switzerland’s Valais canton, is a mountain resort renowned for skiing, climbing, and hiking. The town, at an elevation of around 1,600m, lies below the iconic, pyramid-shaped Matterhorn peak. Its main street, Bahnhofstrasse is lined with boutique shops, hotels, and restaurants, and also has a lively après-ski scene. There are public outdoor rinks for ice-skating and curling. Cable cars, cogwheel trains, and gondolas serve Zermatt’s interconnected ski areas, with more than 350 km of pistes below mountain peaks like Klein Matterhorn. Renowned for its high-altitude ski conditions and pistes which lead into Italy, Zermatt also offers summer skiing and snowboarding on the Theodul Glacier. There is over 400km of hiking and mountain-biking trails in the area, including mule traders' routes dating back to the Middle Ages. Climbers planning to ascend 4,478m-high Matterhorn use Zermatt as their base. The Glacier Express train travels from Zermatt through the Alps to St. Moritz, with panoramic views en route.

Matterhorn is a mountain of the Alps, straddling the main watershed and border between Switzerland and Italy. It is a large, near-symmetric pyramidal peak in the extended Monte Rosa area of the Pennine Alps, whose summit is 4,478 meters high, making it one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe. The four steep faces, rising above the surrounding glaciers, face the four compass points and are split by the Hörnli, Furggen, Leone/Lion, and Zmutt ridges.
Klein Matterhorn

Klein Matterhorn is a peak of the Pennine Alps, overlooking Zermatt in the Swiss canton of Valais. At 3,883 meters above sea level, it is the highest place in Europe that can be reached by aerial tramway or gondola lift, as well as by any other means of transport. The Klein Matterhorn, with the adjacent ski-lifts to the slightly higher Gobba di Rollin, is also a year-round ski area, marketed as "Matterhorn Glacier Paradise", and part of the international ski area between Zermatt and Breuil-Cervinia.
Matterhorn Museum

Matterhorn Museum in Zermatt is a cultural-natural museum whose main theme is the Matterhorn. The museum is in the form of a reconstituted mountain village consisting of 14 houses, and relates the history and development of tourism in the Zermatt area, including the story of the first ascent of the Matterhorn by Edward Whymper and party. The museum displays one of the two stones that Claude Nicollier took from the summit and brought with him on the Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-61 mission in 1993.
Theodul Pass

Theodul Pass, elevation 3,295 meters, is a high mountain pass across the eastern Pennine Alps, connecting Zermatt in the Swiss canton of Valais and Breuil-Cervinia in the Italian region of Aosta Valley. Theodul Pass is the second-lowest pass and the easiest pass between the valleys of Zermatt and Valtournanche. Theodul Pass is the second-lowest pass and the easiest pass between the valleys of Zermatt and Valtournanche.

Gornergrat is a rocky ridge of the Pennine Alps, overlooking the Gorner Glacier south-east of Zermatt in Switzerland. It can be reached from Zermatt by the Gornergrat rack railway, the highest open-air railway in Europe. In late 1960, two astronomical observatories were installed in the two towers of the Kulmhotel Gornergrat. The project Stellarium Gornergrat is hosted in the Gornergrat South Observatory.

Dufourspitze is the highest peak of Monte Rosa, a huge ice-covered mountain massif in the Alps. Dufourspitze is the highest mountain peak of both Switzerland and the Pennine Alps and is also the second-highest mountain of the Alps and Western Europe, after Mont Blanc. It is located between Switzerland and Italy.

Schwarzsee is a small lake near Zermatt in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. It is located below the Matterhorn next to the mountain ridge and to the cable car station of the same name at an elevation of 2,552 meters. A chapel dedicated to Mary of the Snows the chapel Maria zum Schnee lies on the edge of the lake.

Breithorn is a mountain range of the Pennine Alps with its highest peak of the same name, located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. It lies on the main chain of the Alps, approximately halfway between the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa and east of the Theodul Pass. It lies on the main chain of the Alps, approximately halfway between the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa and east of the Theodul Pass. Most of the massif is glaciated and includes several subsidiary peaks.

Mittelallalin is a minor summit below the Allalinhorn situated above Saas Fee. This place is well known for the revolving restaurant which is the highest in the world and a glacier cave. Mittelallalin can be reached easily by cable car from Saas Fee to the Felskinn intermediate station and finally to the top with the Metro Alpin, the highest funicular in the world.

Castor is a mountain in the Pennine Alps on the border between Valais, Switzerland, and the Aosta Valley in Italy. It is the higher of a pair of twin peaks, the other being Pollux, named after the Gemini twins of Roman mythology.
Best Time To Visit Zermatt

The best time to visit Zermatt is during the summer months from June to September.

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