About Anini

The presence of the shimmering mighty mountains and the meadows full of plush green color makes it an incomplete experience if one does not come to Anini on their trip to Arunachal Pradesh. The environment of Anini, which is still unaffected by the busy city life, provides a serene and pure atmosphere for the visitors to enjoy their stay here.
Roing- Mayudia-Anini

This route starts in Assam’s Dibrugarh, which goes to Roing is a half-circular shape. From the excavation, numerous terracotta plaques, ornamented tiles, potteries, figures made of terracotta, and many more items were unearthed.
Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary

In Mehao wildlife sanctuary you can see a wild duck, takin, hoolock gibbon, tiger, leopard, red panda, elephant, and many more species of animals that are rare to see. 
Sally Lake

Sally lake is a part of the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, it is a natural lake, which is encircled by dense trees and bushes. A spectacular view of the valley can be seen from the lake. 
Best Time To Visit

November to March makes for the best months to visit the city. The city experiences heavy showers during monsoon. Snowfall is common in winters.

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