About Kiphire

Located amidst the Saramati Mountains, the town has some breath taking scenes of nature to offer. It is also a perfect location for the adventure enthusiasts as the place has provisions for rafting, trekking and canoeing. The highest peak of Nagaland, the Saramathi Mountains, lies in this town, offering a perfect place for the trekkers.
Saramati Peak

Saramati is a peak rising above the surrounding peaks at the mountainous border of Nagaland state.
Pungro Town

The town of Pungro is covered with hills that are amazingly beautiful and are snowcapped. The main attraction of the town is its simple, natural beauty away from commercialization and stress.
Salomi Village

Salomi Village, with a population of 1975 is Khongsa sub-district and the most populous village, located in Khongsa sub-district of Kiphire district in the state Nagaland in India.
Caves of Mimi

The beautiful caves of Salomi and Mimi in Nagaland’s Kiphire district are quite enticing. The views of Saramati Mountain are what you get from here. These caves are located close to a city named Pungro.
Mimi Village

Mimi is a village positioned in Jakhama Block of Kohima district in Nagaland. Situated in the rural part of Kohima district of Nagaland.

North of Mimi is a cliff that can be climbed only with the help of ladders. This cliff is supposed to be so treacherous that even wild animals cannot take shelter there. It got its name from a local legend which states that two lovers, who were not allowed to be united by the society, gave their lives from here.
Wawade Waterfall

Between the Mimi and Khonga villages lies this breathtaking waterfall approximately 200 ft high. This can be viewed from the Laluri village in Phek district and it takes an hour and a half to reach the place from Mimi.

Mihki or River of Salt flows near Siphi. The water from this river was used to prepare salt cakes by the Sangphure villagers in ancient times.
Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary

Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary is a small sanctuary in the eastern hills close to the Myanmar border was established in 1983 covering an area of 642 hectares. This sanctuary houses various flora- fauna, avifauna, and plants, many of which have medicinal value.
Best Time To Visit Kiphire

The best time to visit the Kiphire is from October to March.

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