About Ukhrul

Ukhrul is the most beautiful hill station in the state of Manipur. This Northeastern state is multilingual and is endowed with distinct classical dance, scrumptious cuisine, and a traditional aura that fumes like a lighted incense stick in sacred shrines. This is the best destination if you are a nature lover and also Ukhrul is the best destination if you love trekking and camping. Here you will find many peaks to climb like Shirui Lily Peak etc.
Khayang Peak

Khayang Peak is the highest peak of the Ukhrul district. It lies at an altitude of 3114 meters above sea level. The peak truly gives a complete kaleidoscopic view of the entire region- the flowing hills, the winding streams, undulating valleys, and the colorful hamlets.
Shirui Kashong Peak

Shirui Kashong is the only habitat for the majestic Shirui Lily and stands at an elevation of 2,835 meters.
Kachouphung Lake

Kachouphung Lake is located about 7 km southeast of Khayang Fall. The Lake is situated in a hill slope or Achuwa Magi Hills surrounded by a number of knolls.
Khangkhui Cave

Khangkhui Mangsor or Khangkhui Cave is a cave system in Cretaceous limestone. The wild cave is guided by locals for tourists but is not developed except for some trails.
Nillai Tea Estate

Nilai Tea Estate is located on the eastern hill called Nilai kaphung in Talui Village, Ukhrul District, Manipur, India. Nilai Tea Garden named after the foothill of its place of cultivation, spanning thousands of yards and lying on a picturesque steep slope.
Ango Ching

Ango Ching is a hill range that lies in the Indo-Myanmar frontier. It is one of Manipur's eastern hills that form a continuous chain along the Indo-Myanmar border for approximately 200 km, with an average height of 1,500 m.
Hundung Mangva Cave

Hundung mangva cave tourist spot for all the attractions that are on offer and visit this spot on weekends for a rejuvenating time.
Shirui Kashung

Shirui Kashung Peak, from where most of the major rivers in Manipur flow; Khangkhui Cave, which is a wonderful limestone cave, where villagers took shelter during World War II.
Khayang Waterfall

Khayang waterfalls in the biggest waterfalls in Manipur near the Indo-Myanmar border. The waterfall is also called the Telly Waterfalls, though the locals know it by the name Khayang.
Lunghar Seihai Phangrei

Lunghar villagers call Lunghar Lunghir, Lunghar village is very fertile and rich in vegetation and fruits.
Best Time To Visit Ukhrul

The best time to visit Ukhrul is between the month of April to June. In these months you may find the Shiroi lily flowers blooms. You will find it hot in the daytime but the cold temperature at night time. This is also a perfect time if you want to come here for watching the greenery and excellent weather, you may find rainy someday. These months are also good because of the Shirui lily festival organized every year in Ukhrul by Chiko Adventure and Manipur Tourism Board. At this festival, you can enjoy the local food and music band concerts, etc.

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