About Igatpuri

Igatpuri is a town and hill station in the Western Ghat mountains of Maharashtra, western India. The huge Dhamma Giri academy is dedicated to the teaching of Vipassana meditation. At its entrance stands Myanmar Gate, a golden pagoda. North, hilltop Tringalwadi Fort has a small temple. Southeast, trails lead up to Kalsubai Peak. The surrounding Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary is home to leopards and deer.
Ashoka Waterfall

Ashoka Waterfall is a popular picnic spot at this picturesque waterfall and pool surrounded by forest.

Tringalwadi fort is located in the Igatpuritaluka of the Nashik district. It is located on the ancient trade route passing through Thalghat. The fort is located near the village Tringalwadi.
Myanmar Gate

Myanmar Gate is located just 2 km from Igatpuri town which is approx, 120 Kms from Mumbai, Dhamma Giri is a famous math and Vipassana meditation center near the Igatpuri region of Nashik. The whole place is scenic, beautiful, and mind pleasing. It serves as a great one-day gateway near Mumbai. The beauty of this place is simply outstanding, a small road takes you to the Myanmar Gate which is the main entrance.
Juna Gavtha

Juna Gavtha is a verdant locale known for its stunning landscape featuring a waterfall with lush and hilly terrain.
Vipassana International Academy

Vipassana is a technique that enables us to experience peace and harmony as it purifies the mind, freeing it from the suffering and the deep-seated causes of stress and strain. The practice enables the meditator to climb the ladder to attain the highest spiritual goal of full liberation from all mental defilements.
Vaitarna Dam

Vaitarna Dam, also called Modaksagar Dam, is a gravity dam on the Vaitarna river which supplies water to Palghar, Mumbai but located in Palghar and Nashik district in the state of Maharashtra in India. It was opened in 1957.
Camel Valley

Camel Valley is located near the majestic Bhatsa River Valley in Igatpuri. The beautiful valley comes alive during monsoon with cascading waterfalls.
Bhatsa River Valley

Bhatsa River Valley is a stunning spot in Igatpuri. Located at the end of the Thal Ghat, the valley lies in the basin of the Bhatsa River. The river flows through the thick vegetation of the valley is an enjoyable spectacle.
Tringalwadi Fort

The presence of the caves indicates that the caves and the fort might be constructed around the 10th century. The fort was built to overlook the trade route which connected Konkan to the Nashik area. In 1636 the Shahaji had to cede it to the Moghuls after the defeat at mahuli fort. It is not known when Shivaji took control of this fort, but in 1688 this fort was won by Moghuls. It is one of the 16 forts which was surrendered to the British in 1818 after the fall of Trymbakgad fort.
Best Time To Visit Igatpuri

The best time to visit Igatpuri is from October to March. The summers in Igatpuri are hot and generally avoided by the tourists. The month of March marks the start of the summer season and it lasts till May. Temperature ranges between 23°C to 37°C during these months. Igatpuri experiences monsoon between the months of June to November. Heavy rainfall is the characteristic of the season and light cotton clothes are just enough for the city weather. The month of December marks the start of the winter season in Igatpuri. Temperature ranges between 15°C to 29°C. Winters last till February in Igatpuri. This is one of the best seasons to visit Igatpuri.

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