Kannur is a coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala. It was once an ancient trading port. Enduring monuments such as 16th-century St. Angelo Fort, once occupied by European colonial forces, show the city’s significant role in the spice trade. Housed in a former palace, the Arakkal Museum highlights Kerala's one Muslim royal family. The palm-fringed sands of Payyambalam Beach run along Kannur’s western shore. Muzhappilangad Beach, where cars can drive along the Arabian Sea, stretches along the coast to the south. UncrowdedMeenkunnu Beach lies north of Kannur. Nearby, beside Chirakkal Lake, the Kerala Folklore Academy promotes regional folk art through its large library and collection of musical instruments and photographs. Farther north, on the banks of the Valapattanam River, traditional Theyyam rituals, featuring masked performers wearing elaborate costumes, take place at the Hindu temple Parassinikadavu Muthappan Madappura.
Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach is a beach in the state of Kerala in southwestern India. 
Kannur Beach

Kannur Beach is a group of five beaches on the western side of Kannur city in Kerala province of India. They are Payyambalam Beach Meenkunnu Beach Adikadalayi Beach Baby Beach Thayyil Beach.
St. Angelo Fort

St. Angelo Fort is a fort facing the Arabian Sea, situated 3 km from Kannur, a city in Kerala state, south India.
Muthappan Temple

Muthappan Temple, also called Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple is a Hindu temple, located at Anthoor Municipality on the banks of the Valapattanamriver.
Kannur Lighthouse

Kannur lighthouse is located near the Payyambalam Beach, a few kilometers from Kannur town, in Kerala state, south India. It is adjacent to the Sea View Park and the Government Guest House.
Munderi Kadavu Bird Sanctuary

Munderi Kadavu Bird Sanctuary is a rich natural wetland and sanctuary, popular with bird watchers for its migratory bird sightings.
Kalarivathukkal Temple

Kalarivathukkal Bhagavathy Temple, Bhadrakali Shrine located near Valapattanamriver, is the family shrine of the Chirakkal Royal Family. The deity of the shrine is the fierce form of Bhadrakali.
Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam Beach is an impeccably maintained destination in Kannur. This secluded location is known for providing one with the opportunity to simply relax or enjoy a family picnic in absolute tranquillity. Surfing and swimming options are also available for those who seek a little adventure.
Meenkunnu Beach

Meenkunnu Beach, where golden sands and an idle sea await the opportunity to assail your senses. 
Best Time To Visit Kannur

The best time to visit Kannur is from July to March. The summer season starts from the month of March and closes in May. During this season the weather stays hot and humid. The temperature ranges from 32°C to 38°C. The monsoons begin from June till the end of September. During this season Kannur experiences heavy rainfall. This may lead to inconvenience to tourists such as cancelation of air or train tickets or water logging on roads. Though if you are a monsoon lover then this is the most ideal time for you. The winter season begins in September and stays tills February. The temperature goes down to 16°C during this period. It is a perfect time for sightseeing and other tourist activities as the temperature is quite pleasant and enjoyable.

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