About Shantiniketan

Santiniketan is a small town near Bolpur in the Birbhum district of West Bengal, India, approximately 180 km north of Kolkata. It was established by Maharshi Devendranath Tagore, and later expanded by his son Rabindranath Tagore whose vision became what is now a university town, Visva Bharati University.
Vishwabharati University

Visva-Bharati is a public central university located in Santiniketan, West Bengal. It was founded by Rabindranath Tagore who called it Visva-Bharati, which means the communion of the world with India. Until independence, it was a college.

Kankalitala is a temple town in Bolpur Sriniketan CD Block in Bolpur subdivision of Birbhum district in the Indian state of West Bengal.
Deer Park

Deer Park is 3 km from the main campus in the Ballavpur forest. The forest shelters a naturally bred large family of deer. It is now known as the deer park.

Nanoor is the birthplace of 14th-century lyric poet Chandidas of Vaishnava Padavali fame. It is developing as a craft center with NGO support.
Jaydev Kenduli

Jaydev Kenduli had long been considered as a possible birthplace of the poet Jayadeva, who had composed Gita Govinda in Sanskrit. Jaydev Kenduli is a village and gram panchayat in Ilambazar community development block in Bolpur subdivision of Birbhum District in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is believed by many to be the birthplace of Jayadeva, an issue that is still debated by scholars.
Tagore’s Ashrama

The ashram has historical significance as it is known to be the place where Tagore is said to have penned down many of his literary works.
Rabindra Bhavan

Rabindra Bhavan is a sophisticated museum showcasing history exhibits on the life of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagor.
Sangeet Bhavana

At present Sangit-Bhavana imparts training in Rabindra Sangit, Hindusthani Classical Vocal and Instrumental Music, Manipuri and Kathakali Dance styles, Dramas, and Tagore"s own musical Dance-dramas. For exceptionally talented post-graduates, there is scope for research.
Kala Bhavan

Kala Bhavana is a noted institution of education and research in visual arts, founded in 1919, it is the fine arts faculty of the Visva Bharati University, Shantiniketan, established by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.
Uttarayan Complex

Uttarayan Complex is the place where Rabindranath Tagore used to live and is hence a very popular location. The entire complex is divided into many buildings in varying architectural styles.
Best Time To Visit Santiniketan

The climate of Santiniketan is tropical, so tourists who are looking forward to visiting this city should be prepared to face the heat and humidity, which this region is known for. The best season to visit Santiniketan is from August to March. Santiniketan is very hot in the summers. Amid the summers, the temperature can cross 40°C. Summers begin in April and last until June here. The climate ends up sweltering, and it ends up awkward to meander around the city in such a warm climate. Rainstorm season begins in July and keeps going till September here. The rainy season gives the ideal mood to walk around Santiniketan. With overwhelming showers that decorate the encompassing, the feeling of Santiniketan gets alive. The Winter season is the best time to visit the dazzling Santiniketan. It begins in the long stretch of November and keeps going till February. Amid the winters, a celebration called Pousmela is likewise celebrated in December which pulls in countless also.

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