Lakshadweep is a tropical archipelago of 36 atolls and coral reefs in the Laccadive Sea, off the coast of Kerala, India. Not all of the islands are inhabited, and only a few are open to visitors. Kavaratti, one of the more developed islands, is home to dozens of mosques, including the ornately decorated Ujra Mosque, as well as the Kavaratti Aquarium, showcasing regional fish, shark, and coral species. With coconut trees, secluded beaches, lagoons, and coral reefs, the islands are known for their scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. Off Bangaram Island, the 18th-century Princess Royal shipwreck is an underwater attraction that divers can explore. Resorts on Agatti and Kadmat islands organize local diving and glass-bottom boat tours, as well as visits to the waters around uninhabited islands. A 19th-century lighthouse on Minicoy Island, still in use today, is a remnant of the islands' British colonial past.
Agatti Island

Agatti Island is a 7.6 km long island, situated on a coral atoll called Agatti atoll in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. 
Bangaram Island

The largest island in the atoll, with a land surface of 0.623 km2. There is a long brackish pond in the center of the island fringed by screwpine and coconut palms.
Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island, also known as Cardamom Island, is a coral island belonging to the Amindivi subgroup of islands of the Lakshadweep archipelago in India.
Kalpeni Island

Cheriyam, Pitti, and Tillakkam are the islands that together form the Kalpeni islands. These islands are inhabited and are frequently visited by tourists. Kalpeni is famous for its beautiful lagoon surrounding the island and is highly rich in coral life. 
Kiltan Island

Kiltan or Kiltān Island is a coral island belonging to the Amindivi Subgroup of islands of the Lakshadweep archipelago in India. 
Minicoy Island Lighthouse

Minicoy Island is one of the oldest lighthouses in Lakshadweep. Standing tall at 300 feet, the view from the top is absolutely mesmerizing.
Amini Island

Amini Island is also associated with a religious legend. It is the dwelling place of Saint Ubaidullah, who preached Islam from the Amini Island of Lakshadweep.
Kavaratti Island

Kavaratti Island is one of the most beautiful gems from the Lakshadweep group of islands. The capital of Lakshadweep is yet another island famous for its splendid sea views and pristine white-sand beaches.
Marine Museum

Marine museum showcases a plethora of marine-related artifacts and aims at promoting marine products and their preservation. The interesting thing about the museum is its aquarium which has a few of the most striking species of sea fishes and water animals.
Andretti Island

Andretti island of Lakshadweep is quite fortunate for being entitled with the largest island. Andretti is very close to India through Kochi. This island is marvelous with maximum population and is bestowed with great splendor and beauty.
Best Time To Visit Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is visited by tourists from all around the globe. The best time to visit Lakshadweep is between the months of September and May when the weather is pleasant and conducive for water sports activities. The temperature remains between 22°C to 36°C and one can partake in adventures like surfing, swimming, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, kayaking, and so on. After the summer months, monsoon rains between June and August, make the place even greener. The peak season in Lakshadweep is from December to February.

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