Mahasamund is a beautiful city with brilliant sceneries everywhere you go. The city has a huge number of tribes living there and the different types of tribes living there are Kanwar, Kharai, Munda, Bahalia, Saur, Pardhi, Binjhwar, Saharia, Sanwara, Kharwar, Bhujia, Sonar, Dhanwar, Halba and Kamar.
Chandi Temple

Chandi Temple of Birkoni is a popular religious center of Mahasamund and is dedicated to Goddess Chandi Devi. The temple is located in the Birkoni village of Mahasamund. One of the major attractions of this temple is the celebration of Navaratri that is organized during the Chaitra and Kuwar month.
Swastik Vihar

Swastik Vihar is situated near the well known Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar. You will see buildings and temples belonging to the 7th and 8th centuries. This brick-built monastery is small in size and is a good example of Buddhist art and architecture.
Khallarimatha Temple

Khallarimatha Temple is located on the hilltop forest of Khallari village that is situated about 25 km on the Southside of Mahasamund. It is believed that during the Mahabharata Era, the Pandavas visited this hilltop, and the reason for this belief is the footprint of Bhima that is clearly visible on this hill. 
Sweth Ganga Bamhani

Sweth Ganga Bamhani has a lot of religious importance. The water spring here proves out to be another added advantage that can attract tourists. It flows directly into the Kund river. There is an old temple of Lord Shiva which has succeeded immensely in the past few years in grabbing the tourist attention.
Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar

Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar stands as the true evidence of the beautiful craftsmanship of the Buddhists of those days. This place is associated with Mahashiv Gupt Balarjun. History says that this place was constructed by Bhikshu Anand Prabhu, who is one of the beloved disciples of the great Lord Gautama Buddha.
Godhara of Daldali

Godhara of Daldali It is surrounded by natural forests that have a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The water bodies present here are wonderful and are truly a treat to watch. There is an old temple present at this place which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Best Time To Visit Mahasamund

The best time to visit Mahasamund is during October, November, and December.

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